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Feedback & Notes from past attendees

"Such an inspiration"

“I wanted to take the time to thank you for being such an inspiration. Ever since I met you last year and hearing your story, it really motivated me in my en-devours. You really showed me perseverance and hard work, but most of all the believe in ourselves really goes long way. I really needed to remind myself of that, especially these days as things internally on a personal level got tough with me in regards of my projects. Your story and actions have been a beacon of hope, reminded me that things will turn for the best as long as we don't give up on our dreams and believe we could achieve the impossible”

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“It was truly inspiring to listen to you and also to see what you stand for.

I sent an email to my colleagues today explaining that today's conference might be life changing.”

Soul Supreme

"The most profound impact"

“Of all the people that I've had the privilege to meet over the years, you are probably amongst the ones that had the most profound impact on me. I was truly moved (as were most people in the audience) by your compassion, wisdom and resilience that make you the amazing person that you are, by how you were able to grow through hardship and adversity and by your strong, positive outlook on life. I connected with your story on a very personal level. So, i just needed to say thank you for sharing, for reminding me of the power of giving back and for inspiring me to take action. Should you need any help or wish to take the foundation to the next level, please know that I would be happy to help!”


“Your no-frills presence and message struck me as 100% authentic (big bonus points!) and I walked away feeling inspired by you and also curious to pursue what I haven't yet defined.”

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"Truly needed"

"Thank you for sharing your philosophy. It's truly needed. You've brought in so much clarity on why it is so important to focus on surrounding yourself with the right people. I'll keep fighting and hope to connect when things will advance." 

Soul Supreme

"I'm re-considering my goals"

"You made me re-consider my entire goals and I'm grateful for it. Sometimes, a harsh verbal smack is healthy. The thing you said about getting our heads out of the water to see the horizon is so true. Also, I loved the music video; very talented and inspiring. There should be more artists singing about the real things in life."

"I've learned so much in such a short period of time"

"There are some things they don't teach you at school and Lennie brought light on some of the things that affect us so much without us really paying attention. I've learned so much in such a short period of time listening to this key-note and unfortunately (but fortunately), now I'm asking myself the important questions to make my life better."


"Truly inspiring! Both as an artist and an entrepreneur. The whole crowd was so focused and capitivated." - On EE20 Keynote

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