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  • Lennie Moreno

If you're not home this Christmas

To the hustlers, I feel ya. Sometimes we gotta make a choice in this money-driven money-hungry money-machine society. Skip a dinner with your loved one, skip a play date with the little one, skip a party with your homies & sometimes, you’ll even skip your one-time-a-year family event.

We grew up looking at the examples that movies have bench-marked for us as the happy standard for Christmas but often, life just ain’t a movie scene from Miracle on 34 street.

I know someone in LA that needs to be on the road to make sure he reaches his minimum sales targets; this will cause him to miss Xmas with his wife and daughter.

I met another hard worker in Florida that will be on the job from Dec 24th until the 26th and won’t ask off to make sure she keeps this opportunity. When I asked, she told me that the entire management business model was based on fear. Fear? Fear of what? Losing a shitty job? Well, I’m learning to understand that choices aren’t always easy when you’re a single mother receiving very little help.

I also know a guy that just got sent out of town for a business meeting and won’t make it back in time to surprise his son during the morning of the 25th. That’s just one example of a business-driven decision that had no regards for that man’s personal life. Money-driven model vs Human-driven model. Think about how happiness & consideration can drive unparalleled performance inside a business structure.

I’ll tell you straight; the scenarios above aren’t the way to live.

Now listen up, I can only talk for myself since I’m not a daddy yet, I haven’t fully grasped that commitment; all I do is put in the work every day like it’s nobody’s business so I try not to be too sensitive about these stories, plus, I’ve been conditioned to be a lonely wolf during the Holidays ever since I was a lil Moreno, but, still, the older I get, the better I understand.

So I just want to take this time out of my day-to-day obligations to say this: to all these hustlers missing love & companionship this Christmas, I just want you to know this:

We’re with you.

We’re with you because we understand the sacrifices you’re making to build a better future for your loved ones.

We’re with you because we know you didn’t have all the opportunities available to create a stress-free environment and have control over every decision.

We’re with you because no one should go through these tough times alone. Not during the Holidays.

We’re with you because it’s not your fault. You didn’t choose your parents growing up to give you the perfect example.

We’re with you because it doesn’t matter if you make $10/h, we know that this money is going for bills and getting your kid that gift that will put a big smile on that pretty little face.

We’re all with you, it doesn’t matter what you believe in, what you wear, what’s your skin color or what you aspire in life, whether you are the sales provider, the coder, the janitor or the business owner, we’re all with you because in the end, we all want something better. Better every day, better for future generations and better for all.

Just remember that you possess the voltage inside you to take drastic measures, hard decisions; turn things around to better your situations. Take this time to strategize for hopes of living a better life than just getting by.

Ask around you, put your ego aside and don’t be afraid to ask for help. People care more than you know if you dare to reach out. Sometimes you’ll get rejected but sometimes, there will be a warm welcome.

We’re with you this Christmas.

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