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  • Lennie Moreno

Are they really "protecting the people"?


Hi my friends.

I’m going to talk to you without borders, as a human, as one unit.

Looking at today’s situation, I see a lot of fear surrounding me and my loved ones.

I see unprecedented levels of unemployment and businesses destroyed.

I see unprecedented levels of people depending on government support to survive.

I see neighbors being afraid of one another.

I see neighbors snitching on one another.

I see frustrated civilians waiting in line “inmate-style” to buy their groceries mixed with “dictator-style” questioning before entering.

This is a new era.


I see too many people looking the other way.

I see too many red flags.

I hear too many alarms going off.

I see too many conflicting information and logic tells me that all this doesn’t add up.

I mean.

  • We heard Elon Musk’s thoughts on how the numbers don’t make sense and his fight with the State.

  • We hear about Dr. Fauci now needing to testify while his vaccine track record is being exposed. His statements are changing constantly.

  • We've seen his friend, who is running the W.H.O. promoting worldwide vaccines (and we see how his last Instagram post got almost half-a-million hate comments).

  • There are roughly 25 million job loss in North America while the number of “covid19” deaths are close to the same as last year from the regular flu.

  • We see Dr. Dan Erickson’s press conference showing his hospital data to later get banned from YouTube for simply showing the facts.

  • We hear about the pressure and the financial incentives to label / re-classify illness as covid19 from countless doctors (to later get deleted/censored).

  • We see the Austrian ex interior minister’s powerful data speech.

  • We heard Dr. Judy Mikovits’ story which has been deleted and re-uploaded countless times (crazy story). I wonder why the mainstream media is going so hard on discrediting her for simply giving her opinion but they promote and glamorize the use of alcohol and other "mind-killing" ideas.

  • We see a beauty salon owner in Dallas getting jailed for trying to feed her kids (now released).

  • We analyze Sweden’s no-lockdown model and current data (around 245 death per million) VS the UK’s strict lockdown model and current data (around 360 death per million + a destroyed economy).

  • We look at Imperial College’s terrible data projections and its horrible track record of predicting events.

  • We’ve seen Event 201.

  • We’re witnessing an unprecedented rise in domestic abuse / suicide / alcoholism / depression etc.

  • Bill H.R. 666 (known as the TRACE act) passed and allows local authorities to go in your home and test you for covid19 in the name of "keeping the people safe" (see this home video).

  • Bill H.R. 748 (known as the "CARES act" or the "2 Trillion stimulus package" was introduced on January 24 2019. Weird how they got a bailout bill in case of a coronavirus prepared 15 months ago Link here

  • I mean, the list of red flags goes on and on and on (and btw, I apologize if any of the links above aren’t working; they’re deleting a lot of videos these days).

I understand that it’s controversial to believe anything outside of what the mainstream media is telling us but c’mon now.

It’s like; you know that your lover is cheating on you, but you don’t ask questions and decide to live in denial to avoid conflict. What kind of life is that?

Furthermore, you hate your job but decide to stay for security reasons. Why are you doing this to yourself? Do you only want to survive? What about living your life for real?

Our rights are slowly being stripped away in the name of "protecting the people". Thank you for caring for me so much about me even if I've never got a call from you on my birthday. Here's what the system does for me: ring the bell and take money like I'm their property.

I’ve never been afraid to voice my opinion and do my own research, so I urge everyone to voice theirs and do an independent analysis.

We will never please everyone; we will never satisfy the critics; but we can certainly live our lives doing what we believe is the right thing to do.

Today, I believe that the negative consequences from staying silent are much bigger than the ones we’ll get from standing up. So, I’m urging anyone feeling this s#!t to speak their truth and share it.

Why should we be afraid to speak up when things aren’t adding up? We’re talking about our future and the future of our children here.

You can make your own opinion about these slides but for heaven’s sake; we shouldn't get split apart. Not at the grocery store, not at the border, not ever. We’re in this together.

We’re all entitled to our own thought process.

We can respect each other’s opinion.

If you believe that covid19 came out of a wet market and we must follow the Chinese draconian lockdown model (dictated by the W.H.O.) to get better + get a mandatory vaccine; I’ll respect your opinion.

And, if I can respect that this is really your opinion, you can respect mine which may be different.

We can have a healthy debate about it.

But I will say this: we should never be afraid to speak our truth and we should never be censored for voicing what we believe is right in our hearts; as long as it doesn’t promote violence or any type of “ism”.

Many people told me: “brother, this is not your fight, pay it no mind.”

If everybody thinks like that, we’ll never get anything done around here so there you go:

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