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  • Lennie Moreno

The Positive Outcome From Today’s Crisis

“Another 800 dead, another packed hospital, not enough equipment, we’re totally unprepared, more workers being laid off, we’re stuck at home, there’s no more toilet paper, the economy is going to s#!t…”

Most of what we’re hearing from the mainstream media is negative and I can’t blame them; it sells.

Problem is, it creates fear.

Where there is fear, there is stress.

And where there is stress; there is an immune system response that gets us sick more easily.

We get symptoms, we freak out, we get tested, we put extra pressure on the healthcare system, and this goes on exponentially.

Don’t get caught up in that.

If you’re at home and following the current recommendations, chances are, you’re fine.

Even better, you’re in a place of opportunity.

When I heard the news about having to shut down our office yesterday at midnight for at least 3 weeks; at first, I was like “really?!” Then, with more analysis, I realized that we all need to play our part to really “flatten the curve”, even if it means changing our habits and what we’re accustom to (mental, social, physical and financial).

Ok, we’re all a little bit shocked.


Thing is, humans have this amazing ability to adapt. Often, not fast enough, but it remains a possibility. We’ve been doing it for thousands of years.

In my talks, I often talk about our animal instinct and how it’s important to wield it to our advantage, how it’s important to put ourselves in unfamiliar positions so we can train ourselves to be relentless and think outside the box; that’s how we find solutions to complicated problems.

So, here are 3 positive things to help you smile.

1. The economy will bounce back.

Relief programs are put in place by most countries and hopefully, workers won’t be penalized on the long run.

Many people are on unemployment insurance and will receive the difference in a form or another.

Many companies have found creative ways to diversify their offerings so they can still generate income; these new sources of revenue will now be stacked on top of their standard sources of revenue once the lock-down is over.

When I’m looking at the stock market today; I see opportunity.

After a big dip, history has shown growth.

Companies that were not set up to have their teams working from home have now done so and are currently set up to offer more flexibility and opportunity to their workers in the future.

It’s weird to say but we now have a virtual coffee machine, virtual spots to hang out and virtual happy hour rooms.

Whatever we’re doing, it’s super important to keep a high level of human contact in these strange times. We’re always stronger by putting our brains together and when we communicate.

2. We will become better versions of ourselves

Except for the hoarders that are taking everything for themselves and putting nothing back in their community, we will all grow from this.

Spiritually, intellectually and physically.

First, I hope that by now, you’re staying active at home. Get a yoga mat, a punching bag, a stationary bike, an elastic or something that can help your blood to flow. Once this blows over and summertime kicks in, you’re gonna look like million bucks. Your friends will be like “dddaaayyymmmnn” and your confidence level will go up a level or two.

Then, think about some of the things you wanted to accomplish in your lifetime; you now have more time to strategize. This situation really makes us realize how precious life is; so please, don’t watch another episode of some bs series that has been swallowing you alive for a few years.

Instruct yourself on some of the subjects you were curious about, plan a trip, learn a new language, reach out to old friends, revise your diet etc.…

Keep an open mind about your purpose on this Earth and why you’re doing the things you do. This is really a perfect opportunity to make sure you don’t forget about your passion and who YOU are.

Meditate in peace and most importantly; align all the crazy thoughts that have been piling up in your head while you’ve been on auto-pilot for the last few years.

Do not let society’s program make a robot out of you.

Build your own program.

3. It will get us closer

No doubt about it.

You haven’t showed love in a while?

Distance and time between two individuals seem to build exponential love.

When I haven’t seen my buddy Fred for years because he lives in London, we always seem to show each other extra love when we meet. Distance can sometimes remove all the day to day bs and focus on the big picture: the things that actually matter: health, family, mental state, well being, dreams, plans etc..

My long-distance love relationships were always the most passionate ones because we couldn’t be together whenever we wanted. Then, unfortunately, when we’re together day in day out, we don’t seem to fully appreciate the blessings we have to be together. We get caught up and we slip.

Now could be a good opportunity to realize how lucky we are to have people that care for us or pick up the phone and apologize to the ones we’ve hurt.

This message is also good for anyone holding “eye-sick” opinions about race and religion; regardless who you worship or which side of the continent you’re from; we’re all going through this together. Someone who believes in the religion of Islam may deliver some food to a Jewish house and someone who happens to be gay will help a very conservative straight man to fill out an application online to get financial aid.

We’re all in the same boat.

In the end, we’re all trying to move towards a better future.

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